Aoun, interlocutors tackle array of matters

Baabda Presidential Palace on Friday witnessed a series of meetings covering an array of matters, including new government formation efforts, caretaking business of several ministries as well as developmental and educational issues.

At the ministerial level. President of the Republic Michel Aoun received Caretaker Displaced Affairs Minister, Talal Arsal, with whom he discussed the general situation and political developments, including the work of the Displaced Ministry.

On emerging, Arslan urged all political sides to abide by the criteria set by President Aoun for the new government formation, in order to avoid any delay in the new Cabinet’s birth.

On the other hand, President Aoun met with Caretaker Culture Minister, Dr Ghattas Khoury, with whom he tackled yje ongoing contacts to form the new Cabinet.

Talks also reportedly touched on issues related to the work of the Culture Ministry.

On emerging, Minister Khoury said he took up with the President the issue of the preservation of heritage buildings, in light of the pending draft law awaiting approval by the House of Parliament.

Khoury proposed forming a joint committee, comprising representatives from the Public Works and Culture Ministries as well as Beirut Governor Ziad Shbib and Beirut Municipality, to study means of preserving these sites.

Aoun also met with Caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachy, with talks reportedly touching on the current contacts to form the new Cabinet and the Lebanese Forces’ stance in this regard.

On emerging, Minister Riachy said that he briefed the President on the outcome of contacts and negotiations held by the relevant ministerial committee with Sama Company, over the transmission of World Cup matches 2018 via Tele Liban Channel.

At the diplomatic level, Aoun received the Undersecretary-General of the United Nations and ESCWA Executive Secretary, Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim, who relayed to him the greetings of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Dr Al-Hakim handed the President an invitation to inaugurate the 30th ESCWA Ministerial Council meetings, which will be held at the highest level in Beirut on 27 and 28 June, entitled “Technology for Sustainable Development in the Arab Countries.”

Later, Aoun received Lebanese Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Tracy Chamoun, with talks touching on the Lebanese-Jordanian relations, the latest developments in Jordan and the situation of the Lebanese community there.

Among Aoun’s itinerant visitors for today had been former head of House Commission for Public Works and Transportation, former MP Mohammed Qabbani, and Director of the Antonine Technical Institute in Dekwaneh Father Sharbel Bou Abboud.

Source: National News Agency