Al-Mulki: government to address next phase priorities

Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi said the government has taken tremendous steps in the field of financial reform of public finance during the last two years and took measures to overhaul this key sector to strengthen status of the treasury and to stop the budget’s consecutive deficit.

In a press statement to Petra and Jordan TV on Sunday, Al-Mulki pointed out the economy can grow and sustain its robust performance only if catalysts for economic growth prevail.

The prime minister said the next phase, set to embark on after steps to wrap up financial reform are completed, will focus on stimulating the economy, which is the main factor to curb the increasing hike in public debt, and to generate balanced growth that pushes ahead social well-being.

There will be full and concrete implementation and monitoring by the public of the economic stimulus program approved by the government last year, he affirmed.

He pointed out the government’s ambitious program of work will focus on the rule of law in particular, and added ” a defect in the internal security system has been observed during the past three months, whether in relation to crimes or the phenomenon of drugs or thefts”.

He stressed the need to strengthen the rule of law and activate relevant laws approved by the Lower House of Parliament.

A top priority of the next phase is to focus on youth, an issue of great importance, especially in light of the imbalance in the normative network observed long ago in the educational procedures and the sector’s development, he said, stressing the need for a stronger interactive approach and more communication with young people, referring to a government leadership program aimed to qualify new youth leaders.

Al-Mulqi pointed out the government will focus in its future programs on education, which was thoroughly discussed in the program of human resources development, in a bid to link education to the needs of society, as well as to develop the public sector and to provide appropriate services to citizens.

Over long periods, we have established multiple centers for health, education and other sectors, but unfortunately they lack manpower capable of using these landmark institutions to serve citizens, he said.

On this context, he stressed the next stage will also focus on building human capabilities in an integrated manner to work in those centers to serve the citizens’ need.

The prime minister explained these priorities have all led to a reshuffle of the ministerial body so that it can address these issues.

Source: Jordan News Agency