Al-Eryani hails Jordan’s support to Yemen’s legitimacy

Amman, Yemeni Information Minister, Muammar Al-Eryani, expressed his country’s appreciation for the Jordanian position in support of Yemeni legitimacy.

During a press conference at the Yemeni embassy in Amman on Wednesday, Al-Eryani praised the “distinguished” relations between the two brotherly countries.

“The terrorism of the Houthi groups in Yemen and finally in the Hajour region is a flagrant challenge to international humanitarian law, the United Nations, the international community, and Security Council resolutions,” Al-Eryani said, in presence of several detainees released from the Houthi’s prisons.

The minister called on the United Nations and the international community to take a strong humanitarian stance against these violations, form a fact-finding commission and declare the Hajour region as a disaster area.

He said: “Silence on crimes of the Houthi militias should not be continued,” calling on the international human rights bodies to do their duty by stopping the massacres committed by the Houthis and intervening to protect women, children and the vulnerable people.

“We still want peace, but just peace, but we have repeatedly bumped into the fact that the Huthi militias do not want peace,” he said.

In turn, Yemeni Ambassador to Amman, Ali Al-Omrani, said: “Many of the people of Yemen suffer from displacement, hunger and imprisonment in the prisons of the terrorist Houthi group.”

“The Houthis insist on violence, killing and displacement against the Yemeni people, and they destroy everything in Yemen with external support, but this is faced with strong popular resistance until victory is achieved,” the envoy pointed out.

Source: Jordan News Agency