AIPU denounces US State Department’s removal of Palestine from its website

Amman, President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU), Atef Tarawneh, said on Tuesday the US State Department’s move to delete Palestine from its website’s list of the Middle East countries and areas confirms the bias of the US administration to Israel.

In a statement issued by the AIPU on Thursday, Tarawneh noted the Union condemns this step, adding it constitutes a “flagrant” violation of the principles of international law and international legitimacy, as well as a clear bias with Israel, which has followed a policy of terrorism and settlement in the Palestinian territories.

The US State Department should know this step will not affect determination of the Palestinian people, their steadfastness, and their just struggle to achieve their independence and complete their statehood, Tarawneh pointed out.

This step is a green light for the Israeli occupation forces to carry out further displacement, demolition of houses, and obliterate identity of historic Palestine, especially with regard to Jerusalem and its neighborhood, Tarawneh noted.

The State of Palestine is recognized by 140 countries around the world, is a member to more than 150 international organizations, and has bilateral agreements with most world countries, he affirmed, adding these are facts that any US or Israeli can’t change or deny.

Source: Jordan News Agency