Agriculture minister says enlarging green areas ‘gov’t priority’

Kuwait, Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Ibrahim Shahahdeh, Monday said in a speech at the IUCN West Asia 9th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) session, taking place in Kuwait and runs through 9-11 September, that protecting the environment is a “global concern.”

He said that environmental work and conferences and agreements at the national and international levels seek to responsibly interact with the environment’s components and sustain them, as well as to promote the concept of environmental sustainability.

Shahahdeh praised the IUCN for its role and experience in the field of conserving the environment and promoting partnerships among concerned sectors, pointing out to the positive impact of raising awareness to environmental issues at the global level, through the participatory approach of setting a net of regional offices that have played a pivotal role in transferring know-how among countries.

He said that conserving the environment falls on the shoulders of everyone and not only the governments.

Enlarging green areas and wild and marine reserves has been at the top of the government’s priorities for years, he said, adding that there are 11 nature reserves in the Kingdom, 3 percent of Jordan’s land area.

Source: Jordan News Agency