Activating Defense Order 11 is due to lack of adherence to preventive requirements: Adalieh

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, said that the reasons for activating Defense Order No. (11) are due the recent lack of seriousness in adhering to preventive measures and public safety requirements, in terms of returning to form gatherings and lack of commitment to physical distancing and the use of sterilizers and masks.


Failure to comply with public safety instructions may cause a setback, “which we seek to avoid to protect the lives of our citizens, our health ecosystem, our economy, and the continuation of our normal daily life in a safe and stable manner,” Adaileh said in joint press conference with Health Minister, Saad Jaber, held Monday in the Prime Ministry.


“There are pandemic setbacks globally and in neighboring countries, which requires tightening measures to protect ourselves internally from the pandemic, and this is the approach the government has adopted since the beginning of the crisis,” the minister noted, stressing that precautionary measures are necessary to confront the noticeable rise in the number of local infections and prevent their exacerbation.


He reaffirmed the start of activating Defense Order No. (11) on Saturday, as follow-up teams from the Ministries of Industry, Local Administration and Public Security Directorate (PSD) will carry out strict follow-up campaigns to monitor compliance with its instructions, indicating that the government granted a period of time to citizens and facilities before its activation, in order to prepare for its requirements.


Adaileh highlighted the Defense Order No. (11) key prevention measures, including the adherence to the established spacing distances, commitment to wearing masks before entering public places, including ministries and official and public departments and institutions, and before entering places where direct services are provided to the public, including companies, establishments, facilities or places of shops, malls, commercial stores, medical clinics and health centers.


On speculations and inaccurate news about the government’s intention or direction to impose a partial or total lockdown, Adaileh stressed that the matrix of procedures for dealing with the coronavirus and the mechanism for opening and resuming operations in sectors that were announced in early June is based on the health risks that the government depends on in handling the pandemic in terms of field procedures.


“We are currently going through the moderate-risk phase (blue), and there is no intention or direction to impose the lockdown, whether overall or partial, arbitrarily,” Adalieh said, indicating that the lookdown has a high economic and social cost.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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