Abous: Professional Associations Council won’t give up on its demands

The Professional Associations Council and Jordan Medical Association (JMA)’s President, Ali Abous, said the council will not give up on its demands to withdraw the income tax draft law and amending the civil service system.

Following an urgent meeting of the Professional Associations Council, Abous added that protests will not stop until the previously declared demands are met, noting that the council remains committed to the demands.

During a protest held this afternoon, the Professional Associations Council had decided to give the government an opportunity to complete its formation, and meet the council’s demands on holding a national dialogue on the income tax draft law and amendments to the civil service system, in response to guarantees provided by the Senate President and the Lowe House Speaker.

Abous indicated that protests will continue in a manner that doesn’t contradict with giving the government a time provided that it responds to council’s main two demands, pointing out that the door is still open to any action until the fulfillment of those demands or getting an answer from the government for them.

He lauded His Majesty the King’s acceptance of the previous government’s resignation and directing the new government to conduct a national dialogue on the income tax draft law and the taxing system and not putting the burden of the economic situation on citizens alone.

Source: Jordan News Agency