6,552 cases of electricity theft uncovered in 4 months

Amman, A total of 6,552 cases of electricity theft have been uncovered in the first 4 months of this year by cadres of

the Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC), electricity distribution companies and public security and gendarmeries, according to Deputy Chief Commissioner of the EMRC Wijdan Rabadi.

She said that courts issued ruling in 744 cases in the same period, noting that the theft cases have been discovered through inspections.

The cases recorded by EMRC personnel stood at 3,35, and included 2,300 cases within the jurisdiction of the Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO), 914 in areas affiliated with the Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO) and 337 cases in the Electricity Distribution Company’s jurisdiction (EDCO) Rabadi noted.

Source: Jordan News Agency