49 arrested in major drug bust countrywide

Amman, Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) personnel have arrested 49 drug dealers as part of a crackdown on traffickers nationwide, according to a security source.

Public Security Directorate (PSD) Spokesman Colonel Amer Sartawi, Sunday said AND investigators were piecing together information on a man who was concealing narcotics in a central Badia house. A search of the house yielded 30 blocks of Hashish, but the suspect is still at large.

The most notable case was when AND officers stopped a vehicle in the same region during which a search of it yielded 600 Captagon pills- an amphetamine-based drug, 5 blocks of Hashish and 160 tramadol pills, which were stashed inside the car, Sartawi added in a statement.

Police also swooped on the house of one of the suspects, where they found 200 narcotic capsules and 3 firearms but the suspect is still being sought.

In Amman, police apprehended 16 drug dealers involved in 10 cases, in which huge amounts of drugs were seized.

All those arrested were being investigated, prior to referring them to the State Security Court’s prosecutor general, the statement said.

Source: Jordan News Agency