422 Syrian citizens entered Jordan on Sunday: Foreign Ministry

422 Syrian citizens entered the Kingdom Sunday morning for a three-month transitional period during which they will be resettled in western countries, according to an official source.

The Ministry of Foreign and Expatiates Affairs spokesman, Ambassador Mohammad al-Kayed, said the government had authorized the United Nations (UN) to organize the passage of those Syrian citizens after Britain, Germany and Canada made a legally binding undertaking to resettle them within three months due to “a risk to their lives.”

Al-Kayed added that the number of Syrian citizens that these countries have asked the permission for their passing through Jordan was initially 827 people but eventually settled at 422.

The Syrian citizens are currently in a closed area until they’re resettled, Al-Kayed explained.

The foreign ministry official said the request was approved for purely humanitarian reasons.

These Syrian citizens were working in the civil defense in areas controlled by the opposition and fled to the occupied Golan Heights after the Syrian army’s attack in those areas.

Al-Kayed pointed out that Jordan, which hosts 1.3 million Syrians, hasn’t and won’t hesitate to perform its humanitarian duty despite the great burdens placed on the Kingdom.

He added that Jordan has dealt with this issue humanely, and took all procedures and conducted all the necessary checks to protect its security and interests.

Source: Jordan News Agency