JFDA bans “Golden Pearl” for mercury content

The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) has scrapped the retail license of the cosmetic “Golden Pearl” cream, due to the high level of mercury it contains.   In a statement on Sunday, Director General of the JFDA Nizar Mheidat said that the Administration; along with the Jordan Cosmetic Association and Jordan Pharmacists Association (JPA), are currently working to withdraw

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Clearance companies await Lebanon-Gulf transit route to reopen

The Association of Owners of Clearance and Transport Companies is anticipating the resumption of the transit operations between Lebanon and the Arab Gulf states, passing through Jordan, after a hiatus of more than a month, association President DaifAllah Abu Aqouleh said.   In a statement on Sunday, Abu Aqouleh said that Jordanian clearance companies have been negatively affected by the

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Cold weather forecast today with scattered showers

Temperatures on Sunday are expected to slightly drop, becoming around their annual average, and bringing relatively cold weather conditions in most parts of the Kingdom, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.   Clouds will appear at different altitudes, with a chance for scattered showers in the northern region and some parts of the central region, with

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