16 Covid deaths, 2,930 cases registered Tuesday

Some 16 coronavirus deaths and 2,930 infections were recorded Tuesday, raising the death toll from the pandemic to 12,909 and the caseload to 1,085,500, according to Health Ministry daily figures.

It said in the daily brief issued jointly with the Prime Ministry that 8.05% of 36,409 PCR tests collected across the country came back positive.

The daily tally indicated that the number of currently active Covid-19 cases stood at 28,205, including 84 that were admitted today to hospitals, raising the number of cases now hospitalized to 655, it said.

On the capacity of hospitals, the figures showed that the occupancy rate of isolation beds in the northern region was 13%, intensive care beds 33% and respirators 18%.

In the central region, 15% of isolation beds were occupied, intensive care beds occupancy was 33% and respirators 14%, it said.

In the southern region, the occupancy rate of isolation beds was 8%, intensive care beds 9% and respirators 8%, according to the ministry’s figures.

It also reported that 2,220 Covid patients have recovered, bringing expected total recoveries after the end of the 14-day isolation period to 1,044,386.

The daily brief put the number of people who got the first dose of Covid vaccines at 4,483,475 and those who were double vaccinated to 4,078,416.

Source: Jordan News Agency