105 illegal workers arrested: Labour Ministry

The Labour Ministry of Labor arrested 105 illegal guest workers, during inspection campaigns last night, and issued 45 violations and warnings against employers who employ workers of Syrian nationality who do not hold work permits and work in unauthorized professions.

The Ministry’s Secretary General, Farouk Hadidi, said the continuation of the inspection campaigns aims to regulate the Jordanian labor market, as they included markets, shops, and some establishments that employ guest workers in violation of the law. These campaigns were conducted by the Ministry’s inspectors at the center and governorates and relevant security bodies, Hadidi noted.

Hadidi added that the ministry is continuing in the joint inspection campaigns in all governorates in a periodical and sudden manner with the aim of controlling illegal guest workers and taking legal measures against employers and illegal foreign workers, stressing that violating workers will be deported, as violations of employers ‘rights have been issued in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The inspection is the core of the Ministry’s work and one of its most important responsibilities as it aims at organizing and controlling the Jordanian labour market, and preserving the Jordanian workforce right to available opportunities in the labour market.

Source: Jordan News Agency